Flyte’s story

Flyte, previously a high-level agility dog, began to show signs of difficulty in negotiating agility obstacles, getting on and off the sofa and becoming very reluctant to go for his daily walks in 2014. After examination and investigations were performed, he was diagnosed with lumbosacral disease (degenerative changes in the spine) with narrowing of the channel that the sciatic nerve passed through.

When drug therapy and conservative management failed to control his symptoms due to his energetic personality, Flyte underwent surgery to reduce the pressure on this nerve.

Since surgery, Flyte has made a full recovery, returned to off-lead exercise and is enjoying life to the full. He has had the odd setback, but with Diane’s expertise and magic touch he’s now back on track!

Flyte returned to agility in early 2016 and has won many any size agility classes. Flyte still has regular physiotherapy check-ups, which enables any little issues to be treated before they become a problem.

None of this would have been possible without the treatment, care and support we have received from Mark, Diane and Fran. The whole experience at Davies has been exceptional, from the reception and nursing staff right through to his specialist surgeon and physiotherapist. His team have always been available to discuss any worries and promptly reply to emails.

I would not hesitate in recommending Davies Vet Specialists/Therapy and Fitness Centre… they are simply the best!

Amanda Brophy