Hydrotherapy: Underwater Treadmill

Underwater treadmill therapy offers many benefits, particularly to cats and dogs that suffer from arthritis or those recovering from orthopaedic surgery or a neurological condition. It can also help improve the overall fitness of the competition or working dog too.

How it works

An underwater treadmill is pretty simple – but can produce simply brilliant results! It uses the properties of water to help the rehabilitation process in four key ways:

Resistance to assist in restoring muscle strength (variable by speed)

Buoyancy reducing the impact on degenerative joints and supporting sore or weak patients (variable by water height)

Controlled temperature where warmth improves circulation and aids relaxation (reducing muscle and joint pain)

Hydrostatic pressure improving circulation and reducing swelling (aiding the healing process)

Getting in the swim

At first, some animals may be nervous of the treadmill belt moving under their feet – or they might have issues with coordination… all of which can make the underwater treadmill a bit of a challenge. However, with careful therapeutic handling and support from our Therapy and Fitness team, any potential nerves or worries should be easily resolved sooner rather than later.

Of course, some pets do fear water, but for them the treadmill still has many benefits, and having their limbs in contact with the floor at all times (with the water slowly filling from the bottom) is a lot less intimidating when compared to swimming.

Complete reassurance for you, complete care for your pet

Before treatment, all animals referred for hydrotherapy are initially examined by our ACPAT registered Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapists – giving you the peace of mind that your pet will receive only the very highest levels of care.

Added to which, a home management programme designed to complement your pet’s underwater treadmill therapy will help incorporate rehabilitation exercises that can be performed out of the water (and not just in a straight line).

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