Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Fitness and Conditioning

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Hydrotherapy: Underwater Treadmill

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Splinting, Supports and Orthotics

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Pain Management and Acupuncture

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Pet owners
Think you might be pushing your pet too hard in a working environment or in everyday exercise? Or perhaps you want to maximise the health and happiness – as well as the performance – of your competition or working dog? We offer a range of health and fitness checks and follow a completely holistic approach, applying the most recent treatments, techniques and advice..
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Referrals are welcome based on the recommendation of your own vet or clinical specialist here at Davies Veterinary Specialists. Please call us today on 01582 853878 to book an appointment.

"Flyte began to show signs of difficulty getting on and off the sofa and in jumping fences in 2014. After examination and investigations were performed he was diagnosed with spondylosis…"

Flyte's story
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Ice and Heat Therapy

Welcome to our fourth…… TIP OF THE MONTH (October): ICE AND HEAT THERAPY Continue to stay tuned for our monthly fact […]

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Getting to the point – Acupuncture for your Pet

What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is the practice of inserting solid needles into the body for the treatment of disease, or […]

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Pets in their Home Environments

Welcome to our third…… TIP OF THE MONTH (September): PETS IN THEIR HOME ENVIRONMENTS Continue to stay tuned for our […]

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