What to expect
Has your pet been referred to us?

We’re here to support you and your pet every single step of the way, helping with the recovery process following injury or surgery and also supporting you and your pet in the management of long-term conditions, such as arthritis.

We also offer health and fitness checks for early warning signs in competition and working dogs and follow a holistic approach, applying the most recent, evidence-based treatments, techniques and advice – to provide your pet with the very best care and you with complete peace of mind.

What happens after a referral?

After a referral has been made, we obtain a detailed history from your pet’s referring vet, as well as any associate parties. This allows us to learn as much about your pet as possible so that we can then offer the best, most effective, most appropriate treatment.

After a comprehensive initial assessment (which will include obtaining information from you about your pet’s lifestyle and perceived problems) and physical examination, we’ll explain in full the proposed treatment plan and expected recovery time.

A brief snapshot of how assessment works…

Take a full detailed history of your animal and the current problems

Assess the range of motion of the spine and limbs

Perform a full gait assessment on a hard flat surface at walk and trot if required

Perform a full palpatory assessment for changes in temperature, muscle tone, swelling and pain

Assess your pet in standing for muscle balance and conformation

Perform treatment and design a tailored rehabilitation programme

Treatments may include...

Professional advice and education
Manual techniques for joints and soft tissues
Movement rehabilitation
Proprioceptive / balance rehabilitation
Soft supports, splints or orthotics
Underwater treadmill therapy / hydrotherapy
Acupuncture administered by a fully qualified veterinary surgeon

We’re confident that any treatment your pet receives should be 100% beneficial to them and help speed up or enhance their recovery. However, if for any reason you feel that your pet has experienced any adverse effects as a result of their treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your therapy team right away.