Soft Supports, Splinting and Orthotics

The use of supports, splints and orthotics in the management of musculoskeletal conditions or to assist neurological function has been around in the human field for quite some time. Now this kind of treatment is rapidly growing in popularity in the veterinary industry.

The process…

After an injury has been diagnosed, your vet might encourage you to purchase a level of external support to enhance (as well as speed up) your pet’s recovery. Of course, animals come in all shapes and sizes – so finding the perfect 'off the shelf' prefabricated product for your pet’s needs is not always going to be possible.

Choosing the right splint or support

This is a really important decision, with the chosen device designed to target a specific functional problem. When deciding on the appropriate splint or support, we consider both the diagnosis and prognosis, as well as other factors too:

Your pet’s skin integrity and any bony prominences

Pain and circulation issues

It’s also important that your pet is monitored closely for 4 weeks once the device has been fitted – so we can make sure that they’re 100% happy, and that any potential complications (like pressure sores) can be sorted out quickly and without delay.

Custom-made, better made

Between us, our team has more than 30 years of experience working with people and pets – so you can trust us to create the best custom-made product for your furry friend!