Morse’s Story

Morse arrived at Davies with severe weakness in his back legs. He was diagnosed with Ischaemic Myelopathy, a condition that affects the blood supply to the spinal cord. This can cause weakness of the limbs, or even paralysis – a worrying time for pet owners. Treatment of this vascular disease focuses on nursing, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy rather than medication or surgical procedures.  The road to recovery isn’t easy or a quick fix, but with time and effort, your pets’ mobility can be restored – providing they are still able to feel pain in their limbs.

We’re pleased to say Morse has made a remarkable recovery and Bill and Yvonne, Morse’s owners, are delighted to have their beloved back on four paws!

“Thank you for the video. It brought a tear to our eyes to see once again how poorly Morse was. However through you and your dedicated physiotherapy team, you enabled him to walk again. We are so grateful and once again thank you for sharing our boy’s story with us.”

To find out more about Morse’s journey, please take a look at the video below: